AsthmaBusters is a free club for children ages 7 to 14 who have asthma. Members are awarded prizes for completing club activities that help them manage their asthma. Through online games and activities sent to them by mail, members earn "Asthmabucks" to spend on available prizes at the end of the club year. The club operates annually from January 1 through April 30.

Children can become an online member, or participate in the "mailed version" of the club. Regardless of how members participate (online, or mailed version) some club materials will be sent through the mail. Children who want to play the online games or check their account can use their assigned Username and Password to access the website.


If you are a kid between the ages of 7 and 14, have asthma and want to join, go to "Join AsthmaBusters." Follow the instructions. Print the permission form, have your parents sign it and return it to AsthmaBusters. You must have permission from your parents to join.

Club Activities

Upon registration, all club members will receive the Club Activity Guide through the mail in December. This guide will contain each member's Username and Password to access their account on the website. This information will also be sent electronically to children with e-mail. Members can access online activities beginning January 1.

Every club member who earns 1,000 asthmabucks will also be entered into a drawing to win cool prizes. All club members may also win gift cards for earning asthmabucks.

Club members can choose from the following activities to earn Asthmabucks:

Mucus Magazine

An online magazine with interviews with celebrities and sports stars who have asthma, as well as up-to-date information about the disease.

Take The Challenge

These four challenging activities are all available in the Club Activity Guide sent to them through the mail too.

Asthma Adventure

While on the Asthma Adventure, members can solve the online mystery of "Who Triggered the Asthma of Josh Bagosh?" to win lots of asthmabucks.

Wheeze and Cheese Pizza Game™

Wheeze & Cheese Pizza Game Tournaments allow members to meet other kids with asthma and win prizes. Members register online to play the game at a Wheeze & Cheese Pizza event in their area.

Who Wants To Be An AsthmaBuster?

An online game similar to the popular TV millionaire game show.
This is just a brief overview of what joining AsthmaBusters is all about. Join AsthmaBusters and see what else we have to offer.


Become a member of the AsthmaBusters Club!

Here is what you do to become a member:

Step 1: Print the registration form and fill it out.

Step 2: Have your parents sign the release waiver.

Step 3: Send the form to:
American Lung Association
7101 Newport Avenue, #303
Omaha, NE 68152

Please allow 2-4 weeks for the American Lung Association® to process your registration form. The AsthmaBusters Activity Guide will be sent to all members by mail. It will contain your online username and password. launches January 1, 2005. The club will operate January 1 - April 30. New club activities will be added at the beginning of each month.

Release Waiver

I hereby give my permission for my child to participate in the program. I understand that as the result of my child participating in, no personal information about my child will be released in any fashion to a third party. I hereby give my permission for the American Lung Association staff to respond to questions from my child as part of the program. This contact may be through e-mails, mailings, telephone calls if necessary and through club activities. I also hereby give my permission for my local lung association to contact me to provide more information about lung disease and specific association programs and services.

Educational Objectives® is a program of the American Lung Association® to help children with asthma manage their own disease. This free web-based program focuses on children between the ages of 7 and 14 who have asthma.

The purpose of is:

(1) to create a stronger partnership between the child and his/her school, family and the health care professional.

(2) To enable children to manage their own disease by taking personal responsibility for their condition and achieving personal asthma therapy goals. Give club members the ability to manage their own disease through online asthma education and customer service.

School Nurse Registration

As a school nurse, you can use this program to encourage your students to learn more about their asthma and complete school asthma management plans.

As a school nurse you have access to the club to allow you to become more familiar with the club while your students are participating. Many school nurses even offer a time for members to have access to the club at school.

For students to join, they must complete a registration form, and have it signed by their parents/guardian. To download the registration for your students, go to Join AsthmaBusters . You may also call 1-800-LUNG-USA to receive free program brochures from your local American Lung Association.

Subscribe and Stay Informed!

To subscribe to American Lung Association® E-newsletters please fill out the following form.

Frequently Asked Questions


When does begin? operate annually from January 1 through April 30. At the beginning of each month (January, February, March, April) new club activities are added to the website so members can earn Asthmabucks.

Why do I need to register (“join AsthmaBusters”)?
There are several good reasons. You must be a registered member to participate in club activities and win prizes. Registering also lets you create your own AsthmaBusters account. With your account, we can help you keep track of the Asthmabucks you have earned, so you can win cool prizes. Registering also lets your school nurse keep track of how you are doing.

What is a User Name? What is a Password?
Each member of the club has a User Name (your e-mail address). It’s the way we identify you in the club. A password helps keep your account private. Unlike your User Name (e-mail address), it can be anything you want - just keep it clean and select a name nobody else thought of using.

I don't have e-mail. Can I still be in the club?
Yes, children can become an online member, or participate in the "mailed version" of the club. Go to Join AsthmaBusters to sign up for the club.

My parents want to know more about Is there anything I can print out to show them?
Print the About AsthmaBusters page. You may also call 1-800-LUNG-USA

Questions About Your Account

I completed a club assignment and I did not receive Asthmabucks. What should I do?
First, be a little patient. Many club assignments require you to return them to AsthmaBusters by regular mail. It may take a while to receive the assignment and credit your account. Please give AsthmaBusters a couple of weeks to process your assignments and credit your account. If two weeks pass and your account is not credited, please e-mail your Asthma Amigo or go to Contact Us to e-mail us that there is a problem.


How do I earn prizes?
Club members can buy prizes using Asthmabucks (club money). Members can earn Asthmabucks by completing assignments. Assignments can be found in Mucus Magazine, Take The Challenge, Who Triggered The Asthma Of Josh Bagosh? Clubhouse Days and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? sections. There are new assignments every month. Prizes you can earn are shown in the Cool Prizes link. Each prize has a value in Asthmabucks. Earn the bucks, and buy the prize.

What are Asthmabucks?
Asthmabucks are club money that you earn for completing asthma assignments. You can see how many Asthmabucks you have earned by clicking on My Account on the main club page.
When can I claim the prizes I have earned?
Parental permission must be given before a club member may claim a prize. Here are the important dates to remember for claiming prizes:
· all asthmabucks must be earned by April 30.
· the deadline to claim prizes is May 31.

How do I win a Grand Prize?
All club members who earn 1,500 Asthmabucks or more during the club year will be entered into a drawing to win one of the grand prizes in the Cool Prizes link. Parental permission must be given before a club member may claim a Grand Prize. The drawing will take place in May.

Medical Advisory Committee

ceid-lyon® is lucky to have the services of a Medical Advisory Committee. Members provide medical supervision and ongoing guidance as the program is continually developed.

The committee is consulted regularly to ensure that sustains its goals and follows recommendations of the National Institutes of Health’s “Expert Panel Report 2—Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma.”

Current Medical Advisory Committee members are:
Dr. Russell J. Hopp
Creighton Allergic Disease Center
Creighton University

Cynthia Tiedeman, R.N.
School Nurse
Omaha Public Schools

Patty Wilderman, R.N.
Department of Pediatrics
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Russell Koos
Program Director
American Lung Association® of Nebraska

Patrick Foster
Program Coordinator
American Lung Association® of Nebraska

Dr. Linda Ford
Asthma & Allergy Center
Papillion, Nebraska